Uro oncology(Kidney Cancer) and their treatments

Thousands of men and women are diagnosed with different types of cancers. Many of them are not aware of uro-oncology cancer. oncology deals with urinary tumours and cancers. Most importantly dealing with at most care of prostate cancer, kidney, testicular and bladder cancer. The kidney tumours and cancers will be treated with various treatments with different procedures which depends on the types and seriousness of the cases. Consult most experienced Dr Vamsi Krishna Best urologist in Hyderabad for advanced kidney disease treatments.

There are different types of treatment that we provide for uro-oncology cancer. they are surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, Immunotherapy. In-depth:


  • surgeries are done in less complicated cases at the initial stage of cancer. The tumour will be removed.
  • Radiotherapy is another cancer treatment that uses radiation to kill the cancer cells and shrink the tumours with less pain.success rate of radiotherapy with people who are treated with external-beam radiation therapy has a cure rate of 95.5% for intermediate-risk prostate cancer and 91.3%for high-risk prostate cancer. *
  • Chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy cancer cells anywhere in the body. It is used for advanced stages of prostate cancer.
  • Hormone therapy is a cancer treatment that slows or stops the growth of cancer that uses hormones to grow. Hormone therapy’s also called hormonal therapy, hormone treatment, or endocrine therapy.
  • Cancer immunotherapy is the artificial stimulation of the immune system to treat cancer, improving the immune system’s natural ability to fight cancer. It is an application of the fundamental research of cancer immunology and a growing subspecialty of oncology.

Advantages with Robotic Surgery Technology at Dr Vamsi’s Urology Clinic

  • Faster Recovery
  • Reduced hospital stay
  • Reduced risk of Wound Infection
  • Minimal blood loss During Surgery
  • Less visible scars
  • Long-Term Weight Loss
  • Resolution of Co-Morbidity
  • Better Cancer Control
  • Less damage to health issues
  • Faster return to Continence
  • Faster recovery of Sexual Function

We provide the services with the most care towards the patients.

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