Our Services – Robotic Surgery

Dr. Vamsi Krishna Poleboyina is the best urologist in Hyderabad, specialized in Robotic Surgery and Thulium Laser. With the Inception of Robotic Surgery into Urology, the Treatment for Various Kidney problems has become better. We are Specialized in Robotic Surgery.

Prostate Treatment

Prostate cancer treatment TURP—Removal of enlarged prostate (prostate cancer) using a scope passed through urethra using electric in a piecemealfashion.Thulium laser vapoenucleation of prostate (THUVEP)/ Thulium laser prostatectomy: Advantages overTURP Less bleeding: Feasible on high risk- cardiac patients- on antiplatelets- No need for stoppingantiplatelets, coagulopathy, chronic kidney Diseases etc.., Negligible...

Kidney Cancer Treatment – Uro Oncology Treatment

Uro Oncology is also known as a kidney cancer treatment Thousands of men and women are diagnosed with different types of cancers. Many of them are not aware of Uro Oncology cancer. oncology deals with urinary tumors and cancers. Most importantly dealing with at most care of prostate cancer, kidney,...

Advanced Laproscopic and Robotic Urolgical Surgeries

Advanced Laparoscopic and Robotic Urological Surgeries (Adult & Pediatric - > 3months age) Uro-Oncology: Laparoscopic & Robotic Simple/Radical/Partial/Hemi Nephrectomy, Radical Cystectomy, Radical Prostatectomy. Reconstructive Urology: Lap & Robotic Pyeloplasty/Ureterocaly costomy, Ureteric Reimplantation(+/- Tapering) ---Non-Refluxing & Refluxing, VVF Repair.

Kidney Stone Treatment

New modality to kidney stone treatment without any cut or hole Ultrathin digital flexible ureteroscope is passed into the kidney through the urinary passage and stones are powdered with Laser. Especially Beneficial in High-Risk Patients, Like Cardiac Patients on Antiplatelets, Chronic Kidney Diseases, Solitary, Functioning Kidneys, Pediatric Patients as more...