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Retrograde Intra Renal Surgery(RIRS) – Kidney Stones Treatment

New modality to treat kidney stones without any cut or hole Ultrathin digital flexible ureteroscope is passed into the kidney through the urinary passage and stones are powdered with Laser. Especially Beneficial in High-Risk Patients, Like Cardiac Patients on Antiplatelets, Chronic Kidney Diseases, Solitary, Functioning Kidneys, Pediatric Patients as more invasive procedures like PCNL or Open Surgery can be risky.

Laparoscopic and Robotic Urological Surgeries

Advanced Laparoscopic/ Laparoscopy and Robotic Urological Surgeries (Adult & Pediatric – > 3months age) Robotic surgery is a type of surgical procedure that is done using robotic systems. Robotically-assisted surgery…